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DHenderson's Art

Janelle Monae /doodle/

What up?

KND: Number 3 and 5:

I doodled the two Sector V girls on Miiverse! :p

The Gross Sisters

This came out really nice! Now, I want to draw how Gross Sisters would look without blue skin tones!

Out of all them my favorite Gross sister was Nubia, even though I wanted to smack her most of the time, she was cool for her leadership skills. Olei could generally be a nice girl if her sisters weren’t rotten. >.>

Going to watch KND now…

Moleskine Diva:

 I had no clue what to name this, so I just went with ‘Diva.’ I can somewhat see a diva posing like this :B

Marker Moleskine Doodles

Sub-tweeting ain’t cute


This is the final version of my previous Leavanny picture. Leavannys are so cute to me! :D

I’m happy I actually managed to finish linearting/coloring this sketch I made two years ago. @__@ I know! Summer’s almost gone and I haven’t produced much digital art

Simple Leavanny [PNG]

This was the first stage of my Leavanny picture, but I thought it was so nice I made it into it’s own version.


Rihanna as Tip in the first official Dreamworks Animation Trailer Home

YES! First, Annie (2014) and now this! I have a reason to go to the movies this year!

I loved the book it was based of, “Happy Smekday!” Hope it’s just as good. I have no qualms with Rihanna voicing her, all they have to do it pitch her voice like in those chipmunk remixes.

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