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DHenderson's Art

whoa. The final book of LoK is coming up and I still haven’t seen episode three of book two. My priorities, man… oAo

September 28

Starfire (no bg)!


 She has such a lovely smile.

Princess Zelda/ sketch

  I still have to work on this


Aw, I can’t get over this YA novel I read today, The Great Greene Heist! There has to be a sequel (even though it just came out in May)oAo

Jackson Greene was legit the coolest character ever!  The book  had awesome diversity with it’s characters look-wise and personality(:D), humor, and  *duh* a huge heist ! Oh yeah, and an adorable preteen romance. 

it was utterly enchanting



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Dreads under my umbrella ella ella eh eh


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these are my brush settings! I made the charcoal & cloud ones last night, actually. to make the cloud brush btw, you need to use one of the water brushes.

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