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DHenderson's Art


I feel like this is the unrelated sequel to the ‘you’re my sunshine-Bulbasaur one!’ c:


Herieth Paul, the face of Anthropologie’s Spring 2014 catalogue lookbook. 

I am a Pokemon Master! I feel really happy, that today I have all 718 Pokemon (until Diancie) on my pkmn X!

You know if I can be a master so can Ash. There’s hope for him c:


forest fire.

So sweet… I love this comic ;__;

First ToonBoom try:

credit to the snippet here

 I’m having a time trying to export this as an animation. :/

Whenever I click ‘save as’ the only option is “all files.” Whatever, the case I guess I can just save them all as .mov files.

Red and Nurse Joy- Comic 1 (lineart)

 Here’s the lineart for the sketch of this comic. The second one is here by the way.

 Hopefully, I will make the color version soon. :B

Playable Pokemon characters confirmed for SSB4

(Source: revire)

Alicia the dog:

I brighten the colors on an old picture of a sonic character I had made. It looks better than its previous state.


April 12th Girl-

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